Cantabria by Bike

"Los 10000 del Soplao"
Mountain Bike Marathon

Route 72

By: Michael González Harbour

Basic Data

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10000 del soplao mapa

164 / 102
Cumulative ascent: meters/feet
4794 / 15724
Maximum height: meters/feet
1272 / 4172
14:47 hours
Beginning and end location
Cabezón de la Sal
May 2008
Recommended period
Spring, summer, autum


10000 del soplao perfil

Pictures of May 2008

Some of the pictures are from ForoCantabriaMTB, ForoMTB, Montaraz, Ana, Pedro, and Javier. Thanks to all the photographers!

We give our best wishes to the fellow participants.
We are almost 700 bikers in Cabezón de la Sal!

The ascent known as "las Lastras", covered in mud,
makes us walk in some sections

foto 3
We cross the river Quivierda, near Carmona. We were already wet,
so a little more water doesn't mind

foto 4
This is me, near the ascent to Mount Aa
The group of friends from ForoCantabriaMTB with whom
I trained. They had organized a banquet in Ucieda!

foto 6
The hard ascent to the pass of Cruz de Fuentes crosses
an impressive forest

foto 7
We find lots of horses, near the pass of Cruz de Fuentes

foto 8
The fog covers the pass of Palombera

The views of the deep valley, as seen from the ascent to Venta Vieja,
are impressive

foto 10
The ascent to Venta Vieja, in its final section, now with less mud

foto 11
Putting the lights on the bike, to start the last ascento to el Moral

foto 12
Arriving in Cabezón, at dark, at 22:47.

Pictures of May 2009

We are 1200 bikers at the start in Cabezón

We form a long line of cyclists while we climb up Monte Corona

foto 15
With the initial ramps of La Cocina the "hell" begins
foto 16
When we exit the fog near La Florida
we get beautiful views

  Some sun rays start to warm us up. It is a good biking day
foto 18
From the parking of El Soplao we can see Peña Sagra, still with a little snow

foto 19
During the ascent to Monte Aa we enjoy the views of Carmona,
  with the Picos de Europa behind

foto 20
  This is me, near Ucieda

The clouds cover the mountains

foto 22
The track of Venta Vieja has dried up
and we can cycle on it

foto 23
We share the ascent with a herd of horses

foto 24
The views from  Venta Vieja are just great
foto 25
  The last ascent to El Moral, with the evening light

foto 26
To go down to Cabezón we must go into the cold fog,
but it doesn't matter: we have the end at the reach of our finger tips


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